Monday, April 15, 2013

How to Help

On April 16, Furious finally goes out into the world. So many people have been generous with their help. I've received great editing, marketing advice, graphic design tips, cheerleading and hand-holding. I appreciate all of it!

Now, maybe some of  you are sitting there thinking, "Gee Jill, what more can I do to support this book?" Um, feel free to quickly move on if that thought never crossed your mind!

For those of you still here, thanks so much. The reality of the publishing world is that authors have to throw themselves into self-promotion, so – deep breath – I'm suggesting 5 ways you can help.

1.  If you are able, buy a copy of Furious – and buy it sooner than later. Strong early sales are very important in the publishing world; it's how they measure success and delegate marketing dollars. Buy a copy (or two) to save as gifts for birthdays and holidays. Donate a copy to your public library or nearby school.

Who would enjoy it? Furious is marketed as Young Adult (ages 12 and up), but 55 percent of YA books are bought by adults. The story will appeal to readers with an interest in mythology  and contemporary high school drama. It grapples in a fun way with heavy themes, such as justice, bullying, loss of family and the power of friendship. It will appeal to young people who care about social justice, who love "Buffy," and anyone who has ever fantasized about getting revenge. It's even got romance, surfing and advice on dealing with frizzy hair. 

A starred review in Booklist says: "the combination of poignant coming-of-age with creative satire equals a fun treatment on a big topic." 

If you live near me, I am happy to sign your copy. Or, send me an email and I'll quickly mail you a signed bookmark and Furious button to wear.

You can buy books through any online seller, but I encourage purchases via your local (and probably struggling) independent bookstore. If they don't have the book in stock, it's easy to order.

2. Spread the word
Talk up Furious. Tell teachers, librarians, tweens and teens about the book. If you are a teacher, consider using it as a read-aloud or order it for the school library. Use it as text for classroom discussion. It’s great for studying mythology and literature, the justice system, problems of bullying, gender issues and more.

3. Spread the word, part 2.
Social media me. Go on Amazon, Goodreads and other book sites and give it a rating or write a short review. On Facebook or other social networking sites, mention the book. Share my updates.
I’ll be doing a blog tour (April 6-April 23). Go to the sites; post a comment or tweet. You can find the full schedule here on my blog.

4. See me in person.
Come to one of my scheduled events.  
Check out this blog and my Facebook page for updates on where I'll be reading. I'm always nervous about speaking in public and your encouraging smile will be so helpful.

If you are a teacher or librarian, invite me to speak to your students. Recommend me as a speaker to your local bookstore events coordinator, book group, writing group or community organization. I can talk about the book itself and also offer practical advice about writing and publishing.

5.  Well-wishes, hugs and glasses of wine. Bring them my way. These are appreciated most of all.


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